I was at an estate sale and got a container of Psyllium Whole Husks, about 2/3 of a 12 oz container. I take 2 tbsps morning and 2 tbsps evening. I am 89 years old and have been bothered with constipation all my life. I have spent many dollars on laxatives plus alternative laxatives. This is the best I have ever had. I have a great bowel movement every morning. I don’t ever want to be without it. Where can I buy some or can you mail it to me? Do not want to be without it. I have 1/3 container left.


Medical Doctor Says Internal Cleansing Helps Smokers Who Quit

I use Women’s Renew Internal Cleansing System (and the Men’s Rebuild program also) for my patients who are quitting smoking. During the first week, they normally taste nicotine in their mouths. They also smell it coming out of their pores, especially when showering. Using the cleansing program reduces or eliminates this problem during those first crucial days after quitting.

Dr.C., M.D.   

Men's Rebuild is the best!

I've been using Yerba Prima Renew for Men (each time I feel the need for a cleansing) for maybe a 1 1/2 years now. It's the best!! I've turned others on to it and they love it.


Not Bloated Any More

Before the Women’s Renew program, I was bloated, straining at the toilet and constipated. After the program, my bowel movements were regular and easy. I believe that this product is keeping my organs from getting too toxic from all of the medications I am on because of an accident.

S.H., Colorado Springs, CO   

Stomach Flatter

Digestion lots better. No gas or bloating - great. I feel wonderful - so clean and flat. My 2nd YP cleanse and the best! Did not weigh in, but my gut got smaller.

R.R., Tempe, AZ   

More energy with MEN'S REBUILD cleanse

Two years ago, I went by the newly-opened Wild Oats Market in my neighborhood. I was introduced to Yerba Prima for body cleansing although, at the time, I saw no reason for its use. A few days ago, due to a stressful situation in my work place, among other factors, I began to feel internally sick with bad gas, unhealthy stools and poor assimilation of food. I went to Wild Oats to look for the Internal Cleansing system I remembered seeing. After reading the information on the box, I was sure it was what I needed. The first day, after two serving, I began to notice an improvement in food assimilation, stools enlarged and hardened and the burning gas sensation reduced. By the second day the improvement continued in all areas including an increase in energy and focus ability. I began to share my experience with my family members and now, by request of my daughter of 16 years, I’ve just purchased the system for females and she’ll begin the program tomorrow morning. Enough said, I just want to thank all of you at Yerba Prima for what you’re doing for our people. It is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!



My test results for were wonderful thanks to your Psyllium whole husks! My Triglycerides and Cholesterol dropped better with your product than with any prescription meds that I have taken! Triglycerides were 545 before taking your product... now they are 165! Cholesterol 345 before now 245 And my good cholesterol is on the rise!!!! Yippee! Thank you!


Initially, years ago, I started using your psyllium daily to help with cholesterol --it did and continues to do so --years, later after a (clean) colonoscopy, the Dr smiled when he learned that psyllium is part of my daily habit - he said to continue it for the rest of my life - it is so good for colon health - who knew?

Sally W.   

WOMEN'S RENEW --- My nails got stronger

Before the Women’s Renew program, I was bloated and constipated. I had flaky nails, achy joints, headaches and acne. After the program, my bowel movements were regular with no straining. In addition, my nails got strong again, my face was clearer and joints seemed better. My energy level went from tired to good and I lost 4 pounds.

G.C., Joshua, TX   

I am interested in purchasing the product called Psyllium Whole Husks. Although I have seen several natural dietary fiber supplements, I never see this product and this works so well for me --- I do not trust other!!!

Beatrice M.   


I have been using Men’s Rebuild cleansing for about three weeks. This is definitely one of the most fabulous products I have ever used. It is even helping my hair. I have had a problem with excessive hair falling out for the past 15 years, since age 23. Now I have new hair growth. However, since I started using the cleanse, my hair-fall has dramatically reduced. My hair is now becoming thicker and healthier.

S. I., Brooklyn, NY   

Loves Daily Fiber ORANGE FLAVOR
I used to have so much trouble with bowel movements. If I ate cheese or wheat or a lot of meat, I got really constipated. I started using Daily Fiber Orange. After a year, it got my system working normally again. I still eat a healthy diet, with lots of vegetables and non-wheat grains, but I can occasionally eat cheese without getting constipated. This stuff saved my life, basically.


I love your Psyllium Husks Powder. I mix it with the Bentonite clay.


Men's Rebuild helped me be more flexible

I used Men’s internal cleansing for 2 months. I am a professional ballet dancer at ballet companies around the world. It is helping me be more flexible and be a better dancer. My muscles are more flexible and the cracking of my joints (hips and knees) is gone. I tried the Dr. Natura colon program and my body got tighter.


WOMEN'S RENEW --- Less bloating and pain

Before using Women's Renew cleanse, I had severe pain in my digestive system, I was very bloated and had puffy eyes. At night I was restless and had difficulty sleeping. I had frequent severe headaches and visual disturbances. My doctor said it was stress related and just gave me pain medication. I am now in my 4th week on Women's Renew cleanse. The pain in my digestive system is much less, my bloating has gone down and my eyes are less puffy. I am resting much better at night and I am not tired all the time as I was before.

G.F., Jackson, TN   

WOMEN'S RENEW --- Better bowel movements

Before the program, I had constipation, headaches, weakness and poor digestion. After one week, my bowel movements were soft and loose (but not like diarrhea), digestion was good and I feel good. I also went from low energy to good energy and lost 2 pounds.

N.B., Chicopee, MA   

WOMEN'S RENEW --- From low energy to great energy

Before the program, I had hard bowel movements every 2 or 3 days, bad digestion, bad joints and headaches. After the program, I had 2 loose bowel movements per day (“great”), good digestion and no headaches. I went from low energy to “great” energy and lost 5 pounds.

R.R., Cicero, IL   

WOMEN'S RENEW --- Better Digestion

Before the Women’s Renew program, I had poor digestion and sore joints. After the program, my joints were much better, good appetite, great attitude, and I was walking 45 minutes a day. My energy level went from good to great. I feel fantastic.



Before the Women’s Renew program, I had acne, gas and headaches. After the program, I had a better complexion, no gas and no headaches. I also lost 5 pounds.

P.M., Brooklyn, NY   

MEN'S REBUILD --- I have not felt this good in years!

I used your Mens Rebuld system and can't believe the results.I was sick for months going to different doctors. I was tired, coughing,sinus problems,and feeling so sick.I told my wife I felt poisoned! My wife went to the store and came home with your product. I thought she was nuts and wasted her money.But after only!!!! two days I could feel my body getting better.I am almost done with the system and I am so amazed!!! I have not felt this good in years. I would not have believed this was possible. I would have paid any money to get better and a inexpensive product has made me well. I still cant believe its real. Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!

Rick H.   

I started to feel better in the first 24 hours

I have been using the Men’s Rebuild cleanse for 1 week now. I started using it because I have been dealing with toxin poisoning for many years. Within the first 24 hours, I started to feel better. I work in construction, so this makes a big difference. Now I feel more energy and my joints are better. Even my mental clarity is improving.

Dave, WA