Yerba Prima has pioneered significant advances in health enhancing products, including natural dietary fiber, internal cleansing and standardized herbs.
Never Shower Alone™ Wet Skin Brush +
Natural Honey & Glycerin Soap
Save 30% and get a FREE natural honey and glycerin soap.
10% of proceeds will be donated to Oregon State University Honey Bee Lab to support honey bee research.

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Our Mission

The roots of Yerba Prima go back to August 1980, when an herbalist first prepared the original Kalenite® Cleansing Herbs formula in her home and sold it to health seekers in the Oakland area. As sales grew by education and word of mouth, an informal partnership of educators and herbalists developed a small line of five products, including Kalenite and Psyllium Husks Powder, which are still sold by Yerba Prima today. This was the first whole body Internal Cleansing Program to be developed in the U.S. natural products market.

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