Private Label & Contract Manufacturing
Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

  • Natural dietary fiber formulas
  • Clinically proven herbal products
  • Quality you can count on

Whether matching an existing product, manufacturing your specified formula, or combining our expertise with yours to create just the product you want, Yerba Prima can be your guide and your solution to product success.

Our expertise is the development and manufacture of natural dietary fiber supplements, fiber laxatives, high quality clinically proven herbal products, and internal cleansing/detoxification formulas.  Yerba Prima has the most complete line of natural dietary fiber formulas in the industry.  We also have experience with a broad range of specialty supplement products and welcome your inquiries.  We can help you develop a formula and then we can produce it for you.  Our quality orientation and effective formulas help keep your customers happy so you get repeat sales.

Yerba Prima has been a leader in the United States natural products industry for more than 30 years, known for both high quality products and high quality manufacturing systems.  Long before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration introduced the dietary supplement GMPs, Yerba Prima had already introduced a manufacturing system based upon accepted Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.  We can put our manufacturing system to work making quality products that meet your specifications.

Whether you need capsules, tablets or powders, Yerba Prima can deliver quality and value.

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