Prebiotic Colon Care Caps
Prebiotic Colon Care Caps

Prebiotic Colon Care Caps

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  • 180 Capsules
  • Promotes Colon Health with Essential Dietary Fiber
  • +Selenium, Magnesium, Calcium, FOS
  • FOS Builds Healthy Probiotics
  • Eliminates Toxins
  • Convenient Capsules for Everyday Use
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Prebiotic Colon Care Caps promotes colon health with fiber, calcium, magnesium, selenium and FOS prebiotic growth complex.  These nutrients provide dietary support for normal, healthy functioning of the colon, including regular elimination of toxins and waste material, promoting the growth of friendly bacteria, such as acidophilus and bifidus, and support for proper digestion.

Colon Care starts to promote colon health immediately when you start using the product, and also acts as a long term protector of the colon.  Colon Care provides essential soluble and insoluble fiber, and is a concentrated source of all 5 fiber types, for complete fiber benefits.  Fiber and calcium help to absorb toxins and waste material, speed transit time through the colon, and remove toxins from the body.  This helps to maintain a normal, healthy colonic mucosa (cells lining the colon wall).  By supporting the integrity of the colonic mucosa, toxins and waste material are less likely to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream through the colon wall.  FOS acts as a food source for beneficial bacteria such as acidophilus and bifidus, which are important for proper digestion and colon health.  Selenium and magnesium have important protective benefits in the colon.

Health authorities, including the Food & Drug Administration, recommend 25 to 40 grams daily of fiber for good health.  Most Americans consume only 10 to 15 grams of fiber each day, less than half of the recommended amount.  For improved health, it is beneficial to eat a variety of high fiber foods and take a fiber supplement as needed.  Colon Care is a simple, healthy way to help assure adequate essential dietary fiber.

Suggested Use

SUGGESTED USE: ADULTS AND CHILDREN OVER 12: 4 capsules, 1 to 3 times a day.  Take with food.  For children 6-12: Do not take capsules. Colon Care in powder form is recommended for ease of use.  Start by taking 1 serving each day.  Gradually increase to 3 servings per day if needed.  Swallow one capsule at a time.  Take each serving with at least 8 ounces (a full glass) of water or other liquid.  Drinking additional liquid is helpful. If minor gas or bloating occurs, reduce the amount you take until your system adjusts.  For best results, use daily as long as desired.

As with all bulking fiber supplements, do not take within 1 to 2 hours of prescription medications.  If you are taking medication or are under a doctor’s care, consult a health professional before use.

Store at room temperature below 86◦F(30◦C).  Keep lid tightly closed to protect from humidity.

QUALITY ASSURANCE:  Yerba Prima’s products are made only from premium quality ingredients.  This product has no added sugar, artificial flavor, artificial color, binders or fillers.

 CAUTION: Do not take capsules if you have difficulty in swallowing.  A very small percentage of individuals, particularly health care providers who have been occupationally exposed to psyllium dust, may develop a sensitivity to psyllium.   This sensitivity may result in an allergic reaction.  If you experience a strong reaction, with difficulty in swallowing or breathing after taking this product, seek immediate medical attention.  Keep out of the reach of children.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 4 capsules
Servings per container 45
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*

Calories 8

Total Fat 0g                                                                              0%

Total Carbohydrate 2g                                                         <2%

Dietary Fiber 2g                                                                      8%

Soluble Fiber 1.6g

Insoluble Fiber 0.4g

Sugars 0g

Protein 0g

Calcium (as calcium carbonate)40 mg                                     4%

Magnesium (as magnesium oxide)20 mg                                 5%

Selenium (as selenium amino acid chelate)17 mcg                  **

Sodium 2 mg                                                                          <2%

Potassium 22 mg                                                                    <2%

Concentrated fiber blend  2.3g                                                **
Psyllium husks
Acacia gum
Non-GMO Soy fiber
Gluten Free Oat bran
Apple fiber

FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides)  40mg                                     **
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

**Daily Value not established.

Ingredients: Psyllium seed husks, calcium carbonate, FOS prebiotic growth complex, magnesium oxide, acacia gum, Non-GMO soy fiber, Gluten Free oat bran, apple fiber, selenium amino acid chelate, USP Kosher gelatin capsule.

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