Yerba Prima Activated Coconut Charcoal Caps
Yerba Prima Activated Coconut Charcoal Caps

Yerba Prima Activated Coconut Charcoal Caps

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If you’ve been feeling exhausted the moment you wake up, it’s time to look at what you’ve been feeding your body. Here’s the truth: toxin build-up from processed food, and alcohol may have accumulated in your system causing you to feel tired. Unfortunately, your regular coffee or vitamins won’t be able to help. The only way to get your body to run optimally again is to get rid of these unwanted substances. It’s time for a Yerba Prima cleanse with our Activated Coconut Charcoal.

Take 2 capsules a day and you will immediately feel the difference.

Made from 100% activated coconut charcoal and vegetarian capsules. Absolutely no fillers, binders or sugar.

  • Helps remove toxins from processed food and alcohol*
  • Alleviates gas and occasional bloating
  • Cleanses your digestive system
  • Supports normal cholesterol levels*
  • Made out of 100% coconut shell no fillers, no additives
  • Check out what people are saying about Yerba Prima Activated Charcoal!
  • Vegetable capsules
  • Gluten Free
  • Lab Tested Non GMO
  • Check out what people are saying about Yerba Activated Charcoal
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Activated charcoal is one of the world’s oldest purifying remedies. Highly absorbent materials found its millions of tiny pores can capture, bind and remove unwanted impurities.

Yerba Prima’s Activated Charcoal Vegetable Capsules is specially formulated to relieve digestive issues such as  occasional bloating, gas as well as remove potentially unwanted substances from your digestive tract. Our an all-natural, gluten-free, NON GMO formula serves as a powerful weapon for good health.

Check out what others are saying about Yerba Prima Activated Coconut Charcoal

Supplement Facts

  • 100% 100% coconut shell no fillers, no additives.
  • Vegetable capsules
  • Gluten Free
  • Lab Tested Non GMO
  • Alleviates gas and bloating
  • Digestive cleanse
  • Reduces high cholesterol*
  • Treats alcohol poisoning and relieves hangover*
  • Mold and toxin cleansing*
Weight .11 lbs

39 reviews for Yerba Prima Activated Coconut Charcoal Caps

  1. miles (store manager)

    I was skeptical the first time I tried this but now, I can’t live without it! I’m not the healthiest eater in the planet and this assists my body in removing every day toxin build-ups. Yerba Prima has been around for a while – it’s a trusted brand!

  2. Sonia

    This product is amazing. I immediately felt the difference in terms of energy. Highly recommended!

  3. Stephanie Chartion-Davenport (verified owner)

  4. Nancy Carnahan (verified owner)

    Its a Very Good product..I would purchase again..?

  5. Shawnna Baker (verified owner)

    Love this product

  6. Rey B. (verified owner)

    Great product not enough pills for price.

  7. Jodi Spaid (verified owner)

    I love the product and it came very quick both times I ordered it however I put in a code and I was supposed to get 3 bottles for the price of 2 and I only received 2 bottles. It would be nice of you to send the other bottle and I will keep buying them every month. I wanted to give the 3rd bottle to my co worker to try and possibly get you another customer

  8. Shelita (verified owner)

    Great product started working immediately! I will definitely purchase again

  9. Tonya (verified owner)

    I love the product as far. After a couple of days taking the pills I notice alot of toxic n waste came out of my body!

  10. Cynthia E. (verified owner)

  11. Kevin or Cindy Stangl (verified owner)

  12. ALVIRA OHARA (verified owner)

  13. laura v. (verified owner)

    Delivery was quick and on time, I’ve only been taking Activated Coconut Charcoal for about a week.. So far it seems to have helped .. I do have tremendous belly issues and it has helped relieve some of my problems already.. I’m talking severe abdominal pain from gas and IBS .. I’m not one that really likes to talk about that but it is unbelievable the pain that I would have and this seems to have helped.. I have not changed my diet other than taking these supplements.. I’m also impressed that they DID NOT over price this product so people can actually try them!! I’m glad I ordered 3 bottles because I do enjoy this product, thank you!!

  14. Calissa (verified owner)

    Best Detox vitamin. It took a week to start really working. It got rid of my gas and is making my body feel better.

  15. Casey H. (verified owner)

    Great product/ fast shipping

  16. Shannon S. (verified owner)

    Awesome will definitely be ordering more. There are no side effects you can take with or without food and they ship to you in a timely manner.

  17. Ralph (verified owner)

    Effective Cleaner, one of the best, highly recommended !!!

  18. Alison Thurlow (verified owner)

  19. Rachel P. (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and product is great. Very happy!!

  20. Gina (verified owner)

    Exactly what it says they are! Taking them daily.

  21. Cynthia E. (verified owner)

  22. Debra soch (verified owner)

  23. Shannon Torres (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. It def helps with bloating ; & regulates my digestive system.

  24. Tonya (verified owner)

    After one month supply, I’m ready to order more. I definitely feel a difference now that I haven’t them in a while. I felt like the “cleansing” was subtle—but did notice some weight loss and increased energy. Will reorder.

  25. Ana (verified owner)

    Arrived on time. Good product.

  26. Shuntea L. (verified owner)

    Takes away gas fast

  27. Latreya Mitchell (verified owner)

  28. Mark E. (verified owner)

  29. Damiana B. (verified owner)

    I have not taken it for long but tell its working, can’t wait for the results after consistently taking it.

  30. Chassidy Campbell (verified owner)

  31. Rindi (verified owner)

  32. ROBIN (verified owner)

  33. Jodi S. (verified owner)

    Works great. I love this stuff

  34. Jennifer L. (verified owner)

    Helps with my gas and bloating!!

  35. Brian Ramirez (verified owner)

  36. Oliver (verified owner)

    I love it so far! Great product

  37. Michele Mahn (verified owner)

  38. Jennifer Goeltz (verified owner)

  39. Jenette (verified owner)

    Love this products so much! Definitely eliminates daily toxins and I immediately feel a difference and have more energy throughout my day! Highly recommend!

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