Why Detoxification is Essential

Why Detoxification is Essential


Why Detoxification is Essential

Chemicals are all around us (and inside us!)

  • Cigarette smoke is full of harmful chemicals that enter the body through the lungs
  • Alcohol interferes with digestion and damages the liver (the body’s primary organ of detoxification)
  • Pesticides are widely used around peoples’ homes and offices as well as on farms
  • We are exposed to chemicals daily in cleaning products and garden products
  • Chemicals are present in and are released by such common materials as carpeting, furniture, particleboard shelving, varnishes, paints and stains

Toxins are produced in the body

  • By bacteria and other microbes
  • From contaminated food
  • When harmful bacteria grow in the colon due to constipation, poor digestion or antibiotic use
  • As a byproduct of digestion and elimination
  • Ammonia and urea are produced in the digestion of protein
  • Poor liver health leads to toxins being dumped from the liver into the colon
  • All of the cells in the body produce waste materials that must be removed by the lymphatic system, kidneys, liver and colon

Effects of stress and eating fast food

  • Stress impairs proper digestion and weakens the health of the body
  • Western style fast food is often poor in nutrients and high in fat and sugar

Heavy metals

  • We are exposed to heavy metals in our daily environment from the food we eat and the water we drink, in addition to sources such as gasoline, paint, dental fillings, cooking utensils, pesticides and even in the clothing we wear

General Benefits of Detoxification

When we maintain our cars by changing the oil, first we remove the old dirty oil and then we pour in the new clean oil. We don’t just pour new clean oil into a dirty engine. We know that doing this would damage the car over time. Detoxification is a way of treating our bodies with the same care and common sense that we treat our cars.

Detoxification helps to remove old waste material and toxins from the body. This can be done once or twice a year, like changing the oil in a car. For many of us who live in cities, our exposure to toxins is ongoing, so the detoxification process should be ongoing as well in order to maintain good health.

The Benefits of Using Great Plains Bentonite

More energy and better health: Great Plains Bentonite physically grabs unwanted substances as it passes through the digestive system. By removing unwanted substances from the body, Great Plains Bentonite helps people to feel more energy and better health.

I recommend Great Plains Bentonite to patients. They get more energy due to the colon cleansing action of the bentonite. Rodney J., by phone

Binds with unwanted substances: Bentonite binds with many types of unwanted substances. Most of us are exposed to a myriad of unwanted substances on a daily basis in our food, our homes, our work environments and while traveling.

I have been using your Great Plains Bentonite for the past few years. I am very happy with the results I have achieved. I have been impressed with the way the product removes many chemicals. Paul L., by email

Helping the stomach: People have told us that Great Plains Bentonite provides soothing relief when they have an upset stomach.

Better skin health: The skin is one of our key organs of elimination (think about when you perspire). When the colon is sluggish or backed up, it is like a sewage pipe in your home that is not properly draining. The waste has to go somewhere, so the body tries to eliminate waste materials through the skin. Many skin problems can result from this process. Clearing of the colon helps to clear up the skin and promotes good skin health.

Better digestion: Waste material and other substances in the small intestine and colon interfere with proper digestion and elimination. Good digestive health is necessary for the health of the entire body. Detoxification helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

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