Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Many Yerba Prima products are safe to take every day. Fiber formulas that can be taken every day as long as desired (even for many years) include the Psyllium Husks products, Daily Fiber® products, Colon Care Products and Soluble Fiber products.

Fiber Plus® powder and capsules contain the moderate stimulant laxative herb senna. They should be used occasionally as needed. They can be taken daily up to two months, but a person should try to gradually switch over from Fiber Plus to one of the bulking fiber formulas listed above.

Women’s Renew® and Men’s Rebuild® Internal Cleansing Systems, and also Kalenite® Cleansing Herbs, are best used for one to five months at a time. They can be used several times a year for one or two months each time if desired.

In general, the herbal products are safe to take every day, including Ginkgo Extra Strength, Bilberry Extra Strength, Echinace® Extra Strength, Milk Thistle Extra Strength, Liv-Cleanse Formula and Odor Cleanse® capsules.

Great Plains® Bentonite can be taken short term as a cleanse once or twice a day, or can be used once a day long term if desired.

WOMEN’S RENEW® or MEN’S REBUILD® INTERNAL CLEANSING SYSTEM — How long will a box of Women’s Renew or Men’s Rebuild last?

If you are using Women’s Renew or Men’s Rebuild programs long term, a box will last 30 days at the Gentle Cleanse level or 15 days at the Stronger Cleanse level. For most people, Gentle Cleanse amounts will be excellent for long term support of the cleansing, protecting and rebuilding functions of the body.

WEIGHT LOSS & INTERNAL CLEANSING — I would like to lose weight. Will the Women’s Renew® or Men’s Rebuild® Internal Cleansing System help?

People often lose weight (or inches around the middle) during an Internal Cleansing System. This is partly because doing a cleanse encourages people to eat more fruits and vegetables, and to reduce the amounts of sweets, fatty foods and refined foods that they eat. The fiber ingredients may help reduce appetite, and seeing what comes out during the cleansing process can help motivate the change to a better diet. A whole foods diet with lots of fruits and vegetables also has the side benefit of increasing the cleansing activity of the herbs and fiber ingredients that make up the Internal Cleansing System.

INTERNAL CLEANSING DIET — Do you recommend a specific diet with the Women’s Renew® or Men’s Rebuild® Internal Cleansing System?

We do not recommend a specific diet with our Internal Cleansing System. Everyone’s body is different and people have different nutritional needs for maintaining good health. People will receive benefits using the program with any type of diet.

However, a modified diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, and their juices, will increase the body’s cleansing activity. This is an option if you want to moderately speed up the cleansing process and increase the deep cleansing activity of the program. However, pay attention to your body since this can make the cleansing process too strong for some people.

FASTING & INTERNAL CLEANSING — Can I fast while I do the Women’s Renew® or Men’s Rebuild® Internal Cleansing System?

You can fast while doing the cleansing program. Fasting will significantly increase the cleansing activity of the program, and so will be more likely to cause cleansing reactions. It is likely to speed up the cleansing process and increase the deep cleansing activity for people want either of these effects. We suggest that anyone who wants to fast for more than one day while doing a cleansing program consult with a health professional.

BREASTFEEDING AND INTERNAL CLEANSING: Can I do the cleansing program while breast feeding?

During breast feeding, it would be better to use one of our fiber formulas, such as Daily Fiber® or Colon Care, rather than a cleansing program. Use the Women’s Renew® cleansing after weaning or at least when your baby is eating solid foods and breast milk is a small part of the diet.

FIBER & NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: What effect do psyllium husks and other dietary fibers have on nutrient absorption?

Our fiber formulas and psyllium husk products do not impair nutrient absorption when used at recommended amounts on a short term or long term basis. There is an article about this in the Reading Room.


There is a normal variation in all natural products, especially the plant derived products such as dietary fiber formulas and herbal products. Some variation in odor, color and taste is to be expected, and does not lessen the benefits of the product.

If a product seems bad or is significantly different than normal, by all means contact Yerba Prima customer service to discuss your concerns with us.


In general, if someone is taking prescription drugs, he or she should notify their doctor about any new dietary supplements they begin taking.

Normally there are no problems of drug interactions with dietary fiber supplements. However, because each person’s body is different, we state on our dietary fiber product labels: “As with all bulking fiber supplements, do not take within 1 to 2 hours of prescription medications. If you are taking medication or are under a doctor’s care, consult a health professional before use.”

EXPIRATION DATE AND SHELF LIFE: Is this product still good to use?

Yerba Prima generally uses a conservative expiration date, so that products are good well past the expiration date. The expiration date should be thought of as a “Best Used By” date.

Fiber Products & Bentonite – normally good for at least 1 year past the expiration date.

Herbal Products — should normally still be effective for at least 1 year past the expiration date, though there may be some decline in activity in the months and years past the expiration date.

GLUTEN ALLERGY/SENSITIVITY: Do you have fiber products that are gluten free?

People with gluten allergy or sensitivity can be extremely allergic to any gluten containing foods, such as wheat, rye, barley and oats. Our psyllium husks products are gluten free: Psyllium Husks Powder, Psyllium Husks Caps, Psyllium Husks Veg Caps and Psyllium Whole Husks. Psyllium is not related to wheat or any of the gluten containing plants.

We use certified gluten free oat bran in our fiber formulas such as Daily Fiber®, Colon Care, Fiber Plus® and Soluble Fiber. Our entire manufacturing facility is free of gluten.

PREGNANCY: Can I take this product during pregnancy?

As a general rule, it is best to consult with a health professional about the use of dietary supplements during pregnancy.

Our fiber products are generally fine to use during pregnancy. This would include the formulas of Psyllium Husks, Daily Fiber®, Colon Care and Soluble Fiber.

Fiber Plus® contains senna, a moderate stimulant laxative herb, so use Fiber Plus in pregnancy only after consultation with a health professional.

Cleansing programs should not be done during pregnancy, whether it is a fasting program or an herbs and fiber program such as Women’s Renew® Internal Cleansing System or Kalenite® Cleansing Herbs.

LOW CARB DIETS: How many grams of carbohydrates are in different products?

Many people who are on high protein, low carbohydrate diets ask about the carbohydrate content of Yerba Prima products, especially the fiber formulas. There is a tendency towards constipation with a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Yerba Prima fiber formulas will be very helpful.

The product labels of all Yerba Prima fiber formulas list both total carbohydrate content and digestible carbohydrate content per serving of the products. In most cases, it is less than ½ gram of digestible carbohydrate per serving. Nutrition labels are required to include the dietary fiber amount in the total carbohydrate listing on the Supplement Facts panel. However, dietary fiber is not digested in the small intestine and does not count as part of the digestible carbohydrate.

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