Bilberry Health Benefits

Bilberry Health Benefits


More and more people are using herbs to help maintain good health. The biggest problem is having confidence that the herbs you buy will really work. Yerba Prima is your assurance of herbal extracts that are highest quality, clinically tested and proven to work.

Bilberry Extra Strength Provides Real Health Benefits
Yerba Prima Bilberry Extra Strength is made with the clinically proven Bilberry fruit extract. Most of the research published in scientific journals has been performed using the extract that is in Bilberry Extra Strength. This is your assurance of quality and effectiveness.

A Summary of Proven Bilberry Actions in the Body

1. Increases blood flow to the retina in the eye.
2. Protects against oxidative (free radical) damage in the eye and circulation.
3. Improves light/dark adaptation in the eye.
4. Increase flexibility and strength of capillary walls.
5. Makes red blood cells more flexible.
6. Reduce venous swelling.

A Summary of Significant Bilberry Benefits

1. Improves overall eye health.
2. Helps improve night vision.
3. Helps maintain normal functioning of veins.
4. Strengthens capillaries throughout the body for normal blood circulation.
5. Reduces pain and burning of hemorrhoids.

Bilberry Extra Strength Contains the Correct Dosage

Bilberry Extra Strength contains 160 mg of the clinical bilberry extract in each capsule. This is the correct amount to give the benefits shown in scientific research. With only one or two capsules a day, people will get real results. Many bilberry or blueberry products on the market have much less activity and are not proven to be effective.

Bilberry Extra Strength Has Better Absorption

Bilberry Extra Strength contains a special patented black pepper extract that improves nutrient absorption. With this patented extract, Yerba Prima gives extra benefits to the consumer. More of the clinical bilberry extract is absorbed by the body, for greater benefits.

Bilberry Extra Strength – “Just Once Daily” Convenience

To receive bilberry benefits, people only need to take one or two capsules per day of Bilberry Extra Strength. Just Once Daily convenience means simplicity and effectiveness. People will be more likely to use the product every day and thus get the full benefits of use.

Bilberry Extra Strength – Great Value

Because each capsule contains so much bilberry extract, a single bottle of Bilberry Extra Strength will last from 25 to 50 days, which means that Bilberry Extra Strength is a great value for the consumer.


Bilberry has been shown to support proper function of the eyes and to improve night vision. It is being used extensively by people who work or drive at night or in low light conditions. It is greatly valued by people whose jobs stress the eyes, such as working at a computer screen. Bilberry is also widely used to help maintain the health of the eyes for people as they age.

Bilberry extract helps maintain the strength and flexibility of capillaries (small blood vessels) in the eyes and throughout the body, which helps to maintain proper blood flow.

Yerba Prima Bilberry Extra Strength provides all of these benefits by using the clinically proven extract in convenient Just Once Daily dosage.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.©Yerba Prima

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