Ginkgo Health Benefits

Ginkgo Health Benefits


Ginkgo Extra Strength contains a patented, Ginkgo biloba leaf extract that has been clinically proven to work in numerous double – blind, placebo controlled studies. Ginkgo Extra Strength also contains the assimilation boosting nutrient Bioperine black pepper extract for greater absorption.

Ginkgo has been shown in numerous studies to help maintain normal cognitive function and memory. Most research has used 120 mg per day of Ginkgo extract (equivalent to 1 Ginkgo Extra Strength capsule). Other research has shown that Ginkgo extract at 240 mg per day (equivalent to 2 Ginkgo Extra Strength capsules daily) helps to maintain mental health in older adults by supporting memory, attention, motivation, initiative and emotional moods.

Gingko extract supports blood circulation to the brain, hands and feet, and exerts a protective effect in the brain and circulatory system by inactivating free radicals. It is widely used in Europe to help maintain normal blood flow and arterial function, especially in the legs.

Yerba Prima Ginkgo Extra Strength offers great convenience and value with a normal use of only 1 capsule per day. Gingko Extra Strength – when you really need results!

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