Milk Thistle Health Benefits

Milk Thistle Health Benefits


Yerba Prima Milk Thistle Extra Strength is 4 to 19 times stronger and more bioavailable than regular milk thistle seed extract. Our patented, clinically proven milk thistle seed extract is standardized to 33% silybin in a special high – absorption phosphatidylcholine matrix. Milk Thistle Extra Strength also contains the assimilation-boosting nutrient Bioperine for even greater activity.

Our patented milk thistle extract has been proven to protect the liver and promote proper liver function. In today’s polluted and fast paced society, the liver takes on ever greater significance for maintaining our overall health. Extra liver support is essential for people who drink alcoholic beverages, are under a lot of stress, take pharmaceutical or recreational drugs, smoke cigarettes, or are exposed to chemicals in the workplace or in the home.

The liver is our primary organ for detoxification of substances taken in from outside the body and also harmful substances created within the body. In addition, the liver is involved in the body’s energy production, nutrient assimilation, fat digestion, hormone balance, and much more.

Milk Thistle promotes liver function and overall health by stabilizing liver cell membranes, by protecting liver cells from damage due to alcohol and other toxins, through its strong antioxidant effects in the liver, and by helping maintain healthy liver tissue.

Milk thistle can be used either short-term for a quick liver cleanse or long term on a daily basis to help maintain liver health. Milk Thistle Extra Strength offers convenience and great value with a normal usage of only 1 or 2 capsules per day. Milk Thistle Extra Strength – when you really need results!

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