Dry Skin Brush Fun Facts

Dry Skin Brush Fun Facts


Dry Skin Brushing for Health and Beauty
Revitalizes and Cleanses the Skin
Promotes Lymphatic Cleansing
Natural Bristle Brush


1. The Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush is made with natural vegetable fiber bristles. The bristles come from the Agave plant, the same plant used to make Tequila!
2. Dry skin brushing is a revitalizing beauty treatment that removes dead skin cells and brings fresh blood and nutrients to build new healthy skin.
3. After dry skin brushing, you will feel the tingling energy of increased circulation. That’s one reason why so many people love dry skin brushing every day.
4. Dry skin brushing cleans the lymphatic system, which is constantly removing waste from cells throughout our body.
5. Dry skin brushing has been used in cultures worldwide for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Skin brushing with birch twigs, rough towels and even corn cobs has traditionally been practiced in the baths of Japan and Turkey, the saunas of Finland and Russia, and the sweat lodges of the native Americans. A Tampico Skin Brush is so much simpler!

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