How to Skin Brush

How to Skin Brush


  • Brush your skin while dry, right before you shower, so you can wash away dead skin and released toxins.
  • Be sure to avoid brushing skin that has rashes, cuts or infections, or where you have a fresh sunburn.
  • If you are skin brushing for the first time, start with very gentle strokes, especially if you have sensitive skin. “No pain, no gain” does not apply here! After you’ve established a habit of regular skin brushing, your skin will feel less sensitive, and the brush will get a little softer. Over time, you can adjust the firmness of the brushing to meet your body’s needs.
  • To dry brush, start with the outer parts of your body (hands and feet) and move up your arms and legs, toward your heart. Some people like long smooth strokes, others short quick strokes. Both work just fine.
  • Brush up the back and front of your torso, and down from the shoulders. Some people like to brush clockwise on the abdomen around the belly button, following the direction of the colon.
  • Cover your whole body except your face, breasts, and groin.
  • A slight flush of the skin is normal, but don’t brush so hard that your skin feels irritated (or turns bright red in light-skinned people).
  • The whole process normally takes 2-3 minutes, though you can brush even more thoroughly if that feels good to you.
  • You will feel an invigorating, tingling sensation, especially when you step in the shower and rinse off after dry brushing.

At Yerba Prima, we believe that regular skin brushing is not only beneficial to your body, but also to your soul. What better way to start your day than to start with a little self care? We hope you enjoy the many health and beauty benefits of the Tampico Skin Brush. Try it for two months, and tell us about your experience on our Facebook page:

Why Brush Your Skin?
Dry skin brushing is believed to have three key actions.

1. Exfoliates the skin
The top layer of your skin turns over quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Unless the dry, dead skin cells are removed, the fresh, new skin cells will never see the light of day.

2. Increases blood circulation
Since blood carries life-giving oxygen and nutrients to all your cells, healthy circulation is important to every tissue and organ in your body.

3. Stimulates the lymphatic system
Your lymphatic system carries lymph — a clear liquid that helps eliminate toxins and waste — throughout your body. Unlike your circulatory system, though, your lymphatic system has no central pump.

How Will Dry Skin Brushing Benefit you?

1. Detoxification Benefits
Dry skin brushing is employed by alternative health practitioners in order to facilitate toxin removal:

  • Via the sweat by unclogging the pores
  • Via the blood by shuttling them to the liver and kidneys for elimination
  • Via the lymph by increasing lymphatic circulation

2. Beauty Benefits
Skin brushing is also used by spas and beauty salons as part of a program for:

  • Gently exfoliating and deep cleaning the skin
  • Allowing fresh, new skin cells to emerge
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite

Diminish Cellulite!
Many women comment that their skin starts to look and feel smoother, with less dimpling, within a week or two of using the Tampico Skin Brush.
“I LOVE this skin brush! I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now every morning before my shower and my skin has become AMAZINGLY soft! Even cellulite marks have begun to diminish! Highly recommended!!”
– Stacey F, Ohio

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