• Bilberry Extra Strength

      $36.29 or Original price was: $36.29.Current price is: $33.75. / month
      50 Capsules
      Promotes Eye Health
      Supports Blood Vessel Health
      'Just Once Daily' Convenience
    • Bentonite (Pint)

      $15.35 or Original price was: $15.35.Current price is: $14.28. / month
      Sold Only in Pints at Yerba Prima Online Store Our Great Plains Bentonite Works like a magnet to grab and bind unwanted substances by absorbent action. With just one tablespoon, this powerful supplement grabs unwanted substances within a total surface area of over 8,100 square feet, more than the floor surface area of four average size 2,000 square foot homes! Just imagine the amount of toxins it can remove from your body. Bentonite is a unique naturally occurring mineral source dietary supplement with the proper composition for maximum ability to remove unwanted substances.  Available in Pints and Quarts in Stores Digestive Detoxification Binds with Unwanted Substances Maximum Purity

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